Here I am
Standing listless
On the edge of an experience
Shared by too few

Am I dreaming?
Lying perfectly still
Caught in this silent moment
Before waking
Sleepy-eyed and conscious
My mind floundering
On the brink of an epiphany
Regarding life
Regarding love
Dismissing the trend to be cynical

Oh how easily they slip into this place
The lonely
The jaded
The underwhelmed
Believing there is nothing more

I know nothing
My ignorance is my bliss
My hope is unwavering

And you
You are the light
In my darkness

~ by acrichards on September 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Still”

  1. and if I drown from my sorrow, if I do not see tomorrow, if I cannot breath again, my last memory will be of you- my friend- love this- last three lines are so … familiar

  2. found it…
    you are the light, at the end of the tunnel, guiding me out of darkness……

  3. I swear sometimes we are in each others minds where our poetry is concerned..

    “And you
    You are the light
    In my darkness

    This last part KILLED ME…ugh I almost started crying honey.

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