My Affliction

My soul collided with the barricade around your heart

Face pressed against plated glass




You, sleeping soundly as you do

In this place

Where I am restless


Awake and alone in my suffering

Shards of silence tear through my flesh

Piercing my heart

Bleeding a red trail of my affection

My offering

This price I pay to feel again

This time spent on tears and blood and words

This love is costing all of me

You are all I know

You are all I feel

There is no relief

There is only this place

Where I stand screaming

But you cannot hear me

And I cannot touch you

~ by acrichards on February 6, 2010.

11 Responses to “My Affliction”

  1. OH God Amanda honey… *hugging you* I feel your pain sweetheart!

  2. Wow. Hon, I’m so sorry. I understand this all too well.

  3. You sound as though tortured by a remorse and agony that is deceptively beautiful….

  4. Great poem! You’re very good! If you’re interested in other poets’ work, check out: You’ll be able to see how you stack up (and you stack up very well in my opinion!) Best wishes, cory

  5. The heat of your passion melts my heart. The angst is impatient and its grip is fierce. Write on Amanda, with your beautiful phrasing, thx for sharing your poem. ox

  6. Your words are poignant to the heart. Nice to see you are still writing.

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